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Breaking the destructive cycles of poor Fathering in Jamaica

Fathering in Jamaica

Chairman of the National Association for the Family, Dr.Michael Coombs, is stating that the disparity that happens between father and child where emotional attachment is concerned could be a factor as to why father’s day is not as recognized as Mother’s day. Dr Coombs further went on to highlight the importance of the father in the life of the child. He regarded this as very important. He also describes the relationship that exists between a mother and a child emotionally as the factor that makes mother’s more regarded in a celebratory way. He went on to further point out that the need for emotions between fathers and children is important. He outlined that research evidence has shown that even just a hug regardless of the simplicity of the gesture can result in sons having less of a violent nature. Speaking on the same lines of the research Dr.Coombs made it …

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Look at Kingston, Jamaica in 1930s

This is How Kingston Looked in 1930s, “a birds-eye view of Kingston”. Check out these historic pictures from Jamaica before we got independence in 1962, things were a lot different, see for yourself below. Down Town kingston 1930s Jamaican Home in 1930s Satureday, market day Down Town kingston 1930s King Street, Down Town kingston 1930s Women wash cloths in Kingston 1930s A baby Down Town kingston 1930s Woman with 5 children break rocks for a living, the broken rocks are used to make roads. Small worker, breaking ricks in 1930s Watch video documentary below with more clips and scenes.

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PM Holness on COVID-19 “We Have Been Succesful So far”

PM Holness Addresses Red Hills Road Murder

As of June 1, 2020, Jamaica entered its second phase in managing the coronavirus pandemic and as a result, several applications will continue some will stop, and also new measures will be implemented to help sustain a positive path. To Kick off his briefing on COVID-19, SARS 2 virus Holness aka “Brogad” states that “We Have Been Succesful So far”, he went on to explains that the main strategy has been containment. The chart below shows rise and fall in active cases, deaths and recoveries. It is the first time that the number of recovered patients has surpassed the number of active cases in the country. In the digital press conference, Andrew Holness also talked about government policy shifts for a planned staged return to usual economic activities. 21 COVID-19 patients have been released from isolation after being declared completely recovered. Five more confirmed cases of the disease have come …

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Ayesha Curry Responds To Criticism Over Bikini Photos

Ayesha Curry’s hot bikini photos landed her in hot water this weekend. On Sunday (May 24), the star took to Instagram with pictures showing her in a stylish green two-piece swimsuit, flexing her insanely fit physique for all of her 7 million followers to see. “Took me long enough,” she captioned the photos, crediting husband Steph Curry as the shutterbug behind the snapshots. However, fans couldn’t help but recall Ayesha’s tweets from 2015 denouncing bikini photos. “Everyone’s into barely wearing clothes these days huh? Not my style. I like to keep the good stuff covered up for the one who matters,” she preached at the time, only causing followers to point out her hypocrisy after posting the images. “Ain’t that funny So Ayesha Curry’s slutshaming and modesty was only there because she was chunky/chubby?What happened to “keep things for only your husband to see” 😂,” one Twitter user  commented. Another added: “Ayesha Curry …

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Jamaica Wins World Cup of Flags 2020

The Jamaican flag Won the World Cup of Flags 2020 event, in the competition against flags from around the world. The competition began as a game before it was conducted on Twitter, with 64 elimination rounds by Election Maps UK and voting took place over six weeks. Even though the competition began as a way to alleviate the boredom due to the stay-at-home orders during the Coronavirus pandemic, the contest generated interest and participation worldwide. However, no prizes were awarded, but Jamaica earned the bragging rights.  Of the 192 flags that entered, the Barbados flag was placed third, there were two Caribbean countries who made it into the Top 3 countries. In the final rounds of voting, the competition was a nail-biter, when Jamaica and South Africa, with Jamaica earning 50.7 percent of the votes while South Africa received 49.3 percent. In the online Twitter pole a total of 298,000 people voted. South Africa …

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Gunna Drops New Music Video Shot in Jamaica

gunna in jamaica wanna

USA rapper Gunna has dropped a dope music video for his song titled “WUNNA” and the entire music video was shot in Jamaica, in a rural area. One person stated “The video looks like an advertising like ”visit Jamaica” XD” while another said, “Mans shot this in JAMAICA! 🇯🇲”. Watch the visual below for “WUNNA” Gunna also released a mini-documentary highlighting the time he spent making music in Jamaica.

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Cuba and Jamaica Could be the First Countries to end Their National COVID-19 Outbreaks

jamaica earthquake

Jamaica and Cuba are two Caribbean countries that are close to ending their respective national COVID-19 outbreaks. The International volunteer coalition, End Covid-19 listed the two countries recently. End Covid-19 compiled data from the World Health Organisation (WHO) and John Hopkins University, before they listed the Caribbean islands among the 32 countries that seem to have done exceptionally well to control the spread of the covid-19, as they are close to a gradual flattening of the infection curve. To completely control the virus, new cases per day must be at zero. On the map, some countries are either at that point or very close to it. Other countries are approaching that point within a reasonable time frame they are seeing a rapid decrease in the number of new cases per day. The countries that are not doing well are either going the wrong way, staying constant, or going down very slowly. …

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Jamaica the Most Iconic Nation to Hit Mainstream Pop Culture

usain bolt bob marley

There are so many things to say about Jamaica the fourth largest island country in the Caribbean, it is  located south of Cuba, west of Haiti and east of the Cayman Islands. The island is divided into 14 parishes and the capital Kingston is the busiest part of the country, followed by Montego-Bay and then Mandeville. The Iland is divided into 3 different Counties Cornwall, Middlesex and Surrey, they have no administrative significance showing that the country still has a residue of British rule. The three international airports on the island are Sangster’s International, Norman Manley International and Boscobel’s Ian Flemming International,    named after the famous writer who wrote the James Bond movies when he got his inspiration at that end of the country. The Prime Minister at the time when the airport was being named, believed Jamaica was put on the map because of what Flemming did.  There …

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