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Learn Why Oxtail Is A Jamaican Delicacy [Video]

formerly the poor man’s food, Back in the day, oxtail was specifically the tail of an ox. Today, it can be the tail of any cattle. What used to be considered a throwaway cut of meat is now one of the most expensive, ranging from $4 to $10 per pound. …

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Lobster Rundown part 1 and 2… Jamaica Style! [Video]

Ras Mokko takes us on another cooking journey, shot and created by Matthew. It’s time for another episode of one of Jamaica’s top Cooking Vlogs called Ras Kitchen. Starring Ras Mokko, Canadian and Jamaican Linkup in Portland, Jamaica. Real Jamaican Style Cooking even the pups were in on the food …

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Vegetables Steamed, Rasta Country Style [Video]

Ras kitchen, Ras Mokko is up to something different this time around, “straight ital” he states. ‘Some vegetarians gonna love this one” states Matthew. On this occasion “We chat about abundant okra plants, how to dry 7 foot dreadlocks, Jah Cure being inspired to cook, fire technique, while Ratty gets …

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