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Latest Update on the Coronavirus Outbreak

Coronavirus in jamaica

As the number of persons who have been infected with the Novel Coronavirus increases, Hong Kong has shut the border crossings with China and more countries have enforced restrictions as the number of death toll rises. 24 countries have confirmed that there are some of their citizens who are infected with the Coronavirus. The Philippines reported the first death of an infected person outside China recently. The death toll in China rose to 361 on Monday because on Sunday there were 57 more deaths reported. OPEC and Saudi Arabia have planned a reduction in oil production as travel has been restricted and the demand has gone down. A total of 17,805 persons have been infected with the virus now that 2869 new cases were recently added to the total. Cruise ships are not allowing passengers or crew members from China to travel onboard the ships.   Russia plans to deport persons …

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Jamaicans in the Epicentre of the Coronavirus as the Death toll Continues to Rise

New Coronavirus Cause Countries around the Globe to Gear up

A Jamaican has found himself in the epicentre of the Coronavirus outbreak in China and wants to come home with his other Jamaican colleagues. He is studying for a Masters degree and lives in Wuhan- the place where the crisis began. Now that the disease has spread to 18 countries there is heightened anxiety. Norville Belvett has managed to contact the Jamaican embassy in Beijing China and other Jamaicans. He says he would rather be anywhere else in the world at this time. Even though he is the only Jamaican studying in Wuhan University of Technology, he knows of other Jamaicans who are in the region. He hopes the Jamaican Government will make plans for the citizens who are there and send a message to them soon, as they are on edge. 

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Dancehall Producer Miller 9 could get the Death Penalty

milla 9 arrested in usa murder charge vybz kartel producer

Miller 9 the popular Jamaican music producer might face the death penalty as he is connected to a murder that is being investigated in the US. Reports states that, Miller 9 whose given name is Omar Miller, is being investigated because of the death of a man in Irvine, California. There was a deadly home invasion robbery in October 2019 and Miller who was an officer in the Jamaica Constabulary Force was arrested and charged for murder.  The Jamaican ex-cop is facing multiple felonies, that include assault with a firearm, murder counts and conspiracy to commit a crime. 41-year-old Miller has been charged along with Andre Andrews, 34 and Devon Quinland, 33, who are all in trouble with “special circumstances” for murder committed during the commission of a robbery”. sources revealed. If Miller and his co-accused are convicted based on California law, they could be facing the death penalty. He now resides …

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Quada to Appear in Court March 5

Dancehall artiste Quada who was arrested and charged for murder and arson was told to return to the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court in Half-Way-Tree, St Andrew on March 5, this date was given by the court as a Mention date.  His High-Profile lawyer Bert Samuels revealed that the post-mortem reports are still outstanding. 23-year-old Quada whose given name is Shacquelle Clarke has been charged with the murder of 30-year-old Miguel Williams, who lived in Sterling Castle Heights, St Andrew, on April 17, 2019. It was reported that many angry persons forced their way into the house that Williams lived in. They beat him, placed tires around his body, and lit a fire on him inside the building. When the fire was put out, he was burnt beyond recognition. It was revealed that the murder was related to the murder of Shantae Skyers, a 8-year-old student of Red Hills …

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Kobe Bryant’s Wife, Vanessa and Others Pays Tribute to him and Their Daughter

Kobe Bryant’s Wife, Vanessa and Others Pays Tribute to him and Their Daughter

Hearts and minds are still with Kobe Bryant’s wife and family after the loss of the Basketball star. In 2016 when he struggled with the decision to retire, he was asked about how he felt about death and he said, he is at peace with it because there is light and dark, life and death, you can’t have one without the other. Vanessa changed her Instagram profile photo to one of Kobe and their daughter Gianna who also died in the crash, as she struggles to be strong for her girls, even though she feels numb, shocked and heartbroken. She is taking time to be with the girls. Vanessa and Kobe got married when she was 18-year-old almost 19 years ago and she didn’t expect him to leave her and their lovely daughters so soon. He was also a first time Oscar winner. It is now known what caused the …

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Bounty Killer Takes a Stand Against the Domestic Violence in Jamaica

bounty killer

Bounty Killer the outspoken dancehall deejay, had some great advice for the men who have been killing their women, as the number of these cases has gone up. He also weighed in on the violence in the society as well. In a recent video post, he called on all Jamaicans to take a stand against violence. He wants all the men to know that when they are in a relationship and they are spending on a woman it is not an investment and they shouldn’t expect returns. They are just paying to be in a space and when it’s time for them to go and stop looking for interest, they should just go and leave the parents daughters alone. When the relationship is over and men don’t want to move on there seems to be a problem, but the men should simply understand that the right person won’t want to …

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After Shocks Rattled Jamaica on Wednesday

jamaica earthquake

5.1 magnitude earthquake struck Jamaica Wednesday morning, the epicentre was 114 kilometers north, northwest of Lucea, Hanover. According to reports from the United States Geological Survey. The tremor was felt in the Western end of the island and it had a depth of 10 km.  After the big 7.7 quake on Tuesday, this was the second after shock to be felt by persons even in Montego Bay. Concerned persons exited buildings as they swayed, and they are now worried that damage was done. The US Geographical survey reported that a second quake had hit Jamaica. The big earthquake that was felt in the Cayman Island, Haiti, the Bahamas, Puerto Rico, Cuba and parts of Florida was the first one. “It is normal for after-shocks to follow a big earthquake”, revealed the experts.

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Red Hills Road Attack Leaves a Mother Dead and her Daughter Wounded

machete chop blood

Cecelia Robinson-Lawrence is now dead, and her daughter injured after they were attacked by an angry man with a macabre machete who also committed arson on Red Hills Road in St Andrew on Monday. The 51-year-old woman, who was a domestic helper of Red Hills Road, was attacked by the man, it is believed that he was her spouse, he allegedly tied her up and sexually assaulted her; before he chopped the woman several times, and set the bed on fire with her on it when she was unable to move, sources revealed. The woman’s daughter heard sounds of the struggle coming from the room and rushed to assist her mother but was chopped in her face by the attacker before he escaped. The daughter managed to get treatment at the hospital, and she was released. The police’s report stated that the incident happened just before noon. The Corporate Communications …

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More Women Needed in Jamaican Music Business Minister Grange Says

Minister Grange olivia babsy 2020

Olivia ‘Babsy’ Grange the Minister of Culture, Gender, Entertainment and Sports, spoke about the small number of women who performed at the recently held Rebel Salute Reggae Festival. She is concerned that Jamaica is not producing more female artistes and wants to do her best to increase the numbers of them. Grange said, “even the well-established female artistes are few in numbers.” She said the popular female artistes “leave the island for tours” and then, they are unavailable for many of the local events that are held on the island. ” Grange, who is a former manager of dancehall icons such as Shabba Ranks, Bounty Killer and Patra,” said.  She thinks there are some young female artistes coming up who are extremely good, but we need more. The former Shang executive decided that she will make it a point of her duty to seek and find talented female artistes and increase …

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