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Warren Weir apologises to Cops for his unacceptable behaviour

After receiving countless back-lash with regards to his recent traffic stop which was recorded and went viral, bronze Jamaican olympic medalist Warren Weir is seeking to restore some form of respect to his name. Mr. Weir had to following to say “After careful consideration over the last few days, and numerous discussion with my family and friends, along with analyzing the feedback of many on social media, i would like to apologize for my reaction to being stopped by members of the Jamaica constabulary for a routine search recently.” In the letter posted to his social media page the flamboyant sprinter also went on to state that “I do realize that i may have been upset and while i may have felt targeted, this was not in fact the best way to react in that situation.” While some critics blame the police for unlawful search of the vehicle on the …

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Blac Chyna was a mistake that is here because of statuary rape, says her Mom

The family problems has been taken to another level between Blac Chyna and her estrange mother Tokyo Toni, as Toni is now telling Blac Chyna things that no daughter would ever want to hear mother say. Sometimes Tokyo Toni seems like a Grandmother who only wants to see her Grand children and believes that her daughter is keeping them away from her deliberately. However, telling Blac Chyna that she was unwanted in so many ways is very bad. Tokyo told Blac Chyna that she is a mistake that is here because of statuary rape. She also told her that she is a bad b**ch and Blac Chyna should keep that in mind as she is her only child. Tokyo Toni feels as though Blac Chyna has been disrespecting her, but she has tolerated it as she is trying to be a good mother, but shat is very upset now.

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Macini collabs with Orville Xpressionz for new Dance

See Mi Yah is the name of the latest release from dancehall entertainer, Macini. The UK based artiste says his inspiration for this track comes from the Jamaican kumina culture. With a hard-hitting, up-tempo dance beat and a party vibes See Mi Yah is simply perfect for the summer. Since the release of the track, the reception has been superb, with recognition in Japan, South America and of course, Jamaica. So much so that the artiste teamed up with Orville of Dance Xpressionz to create a new dance and take the whole world by storm. “I got in contact with Orville via Instagram and I told him about the track. He loved it immediately and decided to create the dance. People all over the world are dancing to this new dance craze and I am just happy over all to be getting this feedback,” Macini explained. Produced by Golden Life …

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