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“Doh Be An Idiot” Beenie Man Responds To Chronic Law and 6ix Team

In several video clips posted online veteran dancehaller Beenie Man explains the issue of 6ix not performing at his Summer Sizzle Sow, Beenie Man states that he initially intended for Squash only to be at his show but he was told to involve the whole 6ix “all a di 6ix seh is not one man inna 6ix” hence Beenie opted for the whole 6ix team to perform. After not showing up at the event Chronic Law Released a statement online stating that they were not paid a deposit to turn up and were told that they will get a thing if the show was successful. In response to Chronic Law’s release, Beenie Man stated “doh damage yo self my lawd.. doh be an idiot”, “know unuh self and understand unu self.. cah me nah beg nuh fren” Beenie Man went on to explain that he don’t do falls promotion and …

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Prime Minister Holness’s Independence Message On Jamaica’s Economy

As Jamaica celebrates it’s 57th year of independence Prime Minister Andrew Holness says Jamaicans have a lot to be thankful for. He mentioned the state of the economy, the reduction of unemployment, low stable annual inflation, historically high foreign exchange reserves, a strong stock market, increased visitor arrival, positive credit rating among other positive developments that are now seen since his party won the election. Holness also spoke about the growth in the construction industry, the strong stock market, the housing solutions that are being provided by the National Housing Trust (NHT) and the lowered interest rates. However, he said he knew that speaking about the negative side of the situation in the country was important, as the corruption, the high crime rate and the need for more to be done about the protection of the environment, is not acceptable. “We are very sensitive to the concerns raised about the …

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This Man Could Be The One Who Killed 2Pac, Gives Detail On Shooting [Video]

Check out this Interview from Keefe D a top Crip Gangster from L.A. “They wasn’t Talking… My homies did not talk until later…” Keefe D Explains that over 13000 different individuals said they killed 2Pac. Keefe D was in the Car that drove up next to the Vehicle in which 2Pac and Suge Knight was traveling in, Shots were fired, 2Pac got shot and died a day after in the Hospital. 2Pac Was in Vegas to watch a Mike Tyson fight, 2pac and friends ended up Beating Keefe D’s nephew Orlando Anderson a known hitter from L.A. after allegedly seeing him wearing a stolen Death-Row change. Watch as Keefe D details what happened on the night 2Pac got shot.

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A 16-Year Old Boy Cuts Off Younger Boys Penis in St. Thomas

crime knife stab chop jamaica

It is alleged that a 16-year-old boy is now in police custody after he cut off the penis of a 6-year-old in White Horse St. Thomas, on Friday night. It has been reported that the Child Protection and Family Services Agency has stepped in. Sources revealed that the older boy was already before the Courts as he had allegedly molested another boy earlier. The police reported that it is possible that the 16-year-old sexually assaulted the 6-year-old before he stabbed him and cut off his penis. The 16-year-old is being held at the Juvenile Centre, as he might be charged with wounding with intent, while the families of both children are attending mediation sessions. RELATED READ: Taxi-man Chops his 8month Old Son To Death, Injured Girlfriend in the Process READ: 15yo SchoolBoy Stabbed To Death in Seaview

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