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August Alsina Says He is Deeply in Love With JADA PINKETT-SMITH


In a recent Breakfast Club interview, 27 years old, American singer and song-writer August Alsina expressed the truth about the relationship between himself and the wife of popular Actor and musician Will Smith. ALSINA stated that speculations have negatively impacted his personal and professional life. In responding to the questions of the interviewer he touched on topics like his album, being a better individual, and fear. Further on he touched on a conversation that has been going around where Actor, Jada Pinkett Smith is concerned as asked to him by the interviewer, Alsina made it clear that he understands why things are happening which he noted as them not knowing the truth. He explained that people will have their ideas but when it comes to him knowing that he did not do anything and is being accused, he is not okay with it. He further stated that he does not …

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Breaking – Superintendent Of Police Leon Clunis is Dead

jamaican police cop

Senior Superintendent of Police Leon Clunis who lead the operations in Horizon Park, Spanish Town, St. Catherine that claimed the lives of two police officers has today succumbed to his injuries in hospital. Clunis was injured during the incident that claimed the lives of Detective Corporal Dane Biggs and Constable Decardo Hylton. According to reports Clunis was in high spirts yesterday, family members and rank n file members of the Jamaica Constabulary Force are currently at the hospital paying their condolences. Earlier Four (4) police officers were shot Two(2) fatally while the other two(2) including Clunis were being treated in hospital. Information reaching us is that a team of officers was on an operation in the St. Catherine North division when they came under heavy gunfire from gunmen in the area. Sources told us that they were under heavy fire for roughly two hours before back up could rescue them. …

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Trial for 4 Charged Police in George Floyd’s Case Set for March 2021

NEW Footage Shows Full Details Of George Floyd's Arrest and Deadly Tussle with Police [Video]

Judge Cahill in Minneapolis, Minnesota warned that the trial of the four men who are former police officers, charged in the case that is connected to George Floyd’s death could be removed out of Minneapolis if public officials because family members and attorneys won’t stop speaking publicly about the case. He only stopped short of issuing a gag order against all the attorneys. Hennepin County Judge Peter Cahill said if public statements continue it will make it hard for him to have an impartial jury. He anticipates that a change-of- venue-motion will be filed and he would be willing to grant it if it is filed. Cahill believes the court will not be happy to hear comments on three areas; they include merits, guilt or innocence and evidence. The judge spoke at the second pre-trial hearing for the policemen who were fired after the death of George on May 25. …

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The identity of the woman shot and killed in the incident that included popular Dancehall artiste and another being shot and injured was released by the police. The shooting took place on Sunday at a roadway in the district of Struie, Westmorland. According to the news reports, the Dancehall artiste who goes by the name Rygin King and the deceased was driving in a Mark X along with other friends when eventually they needed to change their tire. The events that transpired after according to the news was that while the tire was being changed a grey Toyota pulled up with a man alighting and firing gunshots that hit Rygin King and the others. They were assisted to the hospital to be treated where one person passed as a result of fatal wounds. Dead is 28 years Sashalee Blackwood of Irwin Meadows, St. James. The deceased was a customer service …

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SIR. P of Politricks Watch Says Everyone Got Tricked


Popular youtube vlogger Sir P. from the controversial Politricks watch channel has now made a video announcing he was not leaving youtube and the previous video he made was just a trap. He however reported that the attempts at hacking his social media platform were real. In letting his subscribers know that his social media accounts are very secure he let them know that any attempts at hacking would not result in them getting any real information, He further made it known that the people working ‘against the interest of Jamaica were now evident. In counteraction to he claims as popular opinion, he does not have to depend on an artist he refers to as “Worl Snitch” to get views. He further called the artiste a criminal in proving his point. In his video announcing that he used the video as a trap, he mentioned that the pictures going around …

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Well, known veteran Reggae Artiste Buju Banton has dropped his new album on June 28, 2020, and it has definitely been picking up traction. In a video interview done with the popular international radio station Hot 97, the legendary artiste on explaining the name of the album “Upside Down” said that the name came as a result of things being so upside down in the world and so the album is an effort to convey messages of motivation and upliftment to the people and to impact reggae positively. Ebro, one of the hosts of the interview went on to let Buju Banton know what a great experience it was visiting Jamaica in 2019 to attend his freedom concert after being incarcerated for a long while in the United States. He then went further by asking Buju how has he seen where Kingston changed from the time he went away to …

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Lisa Mercedez Wants To Marry Vybz Kartel and Have His kids

Lisa Mercedez

Dancehall Gossip, Lisa Mercedez is feeling connected to Vybz Kartel in a deep spiritual way and seems to be making plans to be with the incarcerated artiste doing more than just music in the future. The artiste left Jamaica when she was 16-years-old but her mother and one sister are still on the island. In her mind, Jamaica is still her home. She has been getting a lot of support in the UK because they encourage her as they know it has been a long road for her. She started out with Stylo G who is her 6-year-old daughter’s father. She was introduced to him when he was looking for a female artiste to be a part of the Warning Crew. At the time she was all over, trying to make it in the music business. They were together for 4 years but things fell apart because the members started …

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Video of Rygin King Collapsing after he was Shot

Rygin King

Dancehall artiste Rygin King is said to be in stable condition after he was shot twice earlier today in Westmoreland. Two other persons were also shot in the incident, one a female succumbed to her injuries. 😥 See the car Rygin was travelling in below. Below is a picture allegedly of the female who fatally shot. Below is a video of the artiste being assisted after he allegedly receives two gunshots. He collapsed as he was being assisted to sit up before help arrived to take him to hospital. See another video below of when he arrived at the hospital. Rygin King recently spoke about his upcoming album titled “Dancehall Trap” READ: Dancehall artiste Rygin King Shot and Injured

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Tony Matterhorn and Pink Panther Ready for the Next Verzuz Clash

The Verzuz clash between Bounty Killer and Beenie Man was such a huge success that persons are wondering if the next scheduled clash between Tony Matterhorn and Pink Panther,  will be just as good and if it will be supported as much as the previous one. In a recent interview Matterhorn said he believes it will be getting a lot of attention as he and Pink Panther are very popular already and they have fans in many places around the world and he believes their fans will be online watching the clash just like the clash that happened before. “Death in the Arena” is the name of the upcoming clash and it means the world to Matterhorn, he says he is in war mode, ready to take his career to the next level. He believes the real clash fans from the US, Japan, Europe, Africa, Central America and other places …

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