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Clymaxx Talks About winning Magnum and Masicka not helping musically

Cilmaxx wants to find a hit song right now, as she wants to reach main stream. Even though she is changing her style, not performing like how she did in the Magnum Kings and Queens Competition, as she doesn’t want to scare her male fans. She says in the studio she feels as if everyone is just interested in sex and not music. She says Masika is not encouraging her now, even though they are connected. They are not talking about music right now, but she doesn’t want to ask him to help her. He said, “her lyrical and writing skills are impeccable” but he has not said anything else recently. Climaxx is doing her own thing, trying out different ways of singing so she can find what the fans will like. For now Climaxx like looking feminine and pretty as she plans to sing sexy songs, she likes the …

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