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These are the LYRICS for Masicka – Crab Inna Barrel

(Hook) Dem a crab inna di barrel (Crab inna di barrel) (Crab inna di barrel) P*ssy dem Crab inna di barrel, yeah (Crab inna di barrel, yeah) (Vers) Dem nuh love fi see when ghetto youths a upgrade P*ssy dem a seh dem real a China nuff made Protect mi head guh get di bread and juss a puff grade Nah fi ask mi stay fresh like mi juss bathe Dem know mi thing, dem juss a act mi know dem muss fraid Yeah wi deh yah, yeah wi deh yah but a nuff fade Make mi tell yuh why dem eyah come close Dem drain man energy di most (Weh me a talk bout) (Chorus) Crab inna di barrel (Crab inna di barrel) Crab inna di barrel yeah (Crab inna di barrel yeah) P*ssy dem nuh wah wi reach (Nuh wah wi reach) true dem nah guh no weh …

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