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BawdaCat: Country Dog vs Town Dawg Linkup [Video]

Jamaica’s most comedic construction site worker shares some more history, “Country dog and town dog ago crush a enz”,”wolleep a food in deh” Cat explains that country dawg was happy to see food and start eating, The rest is history “Him jus cah mek it back through that rass hole”. …

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Soulja Boy Sentenced Until 2020 for FAKING Court order

After searching Soulja boy’s house earlier cops found guns and ammunition which violated his probation as he was not to be around weapons. The biggest come-back rapper of 2018 was arrested earlier this month in Los Angeles. Soulja Boy’s house was reportedly robbed while he’s in prison. Big Draco aka …

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Giant Yam Found In St. Mary [Video]

If this is not the biggest yam in the world then its close to being the biggest. This yam was found by a farmer in the hills of St. Mary near Mary’s Heights High School. Watch as the former shows off his large yah.

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