Teejay Recalls Impregnating Girl while in 8th Grade and Talks Estranged Relationship with His Father “My daddy is a wutless bwoy”

Tuesday, June 18, 2024, 9:22 PM GMT-5

Dancehall artiste Teejay is known to have four children: three boys and a girl. However, the deejay revealed that he once had twins. Teejay spoke about his children and his own father during a newly released interview.

The Drift artiste expressed that he became a father in grade 8 and was blessed with twins. Unfortunately, the twins passed away, but he did not mention the cause of death.

“Mi love woman. Mi a get pickney from mi inna 8th grade enuh,” he told Wayne Marshall during an episode of The Cut. “Mi get twin before and dem pass on.

Afterwards, he welcomed his eldest surviving son, Jaden, at age 17. Additionally, the deejay shared that, growing up in a poor household, he did not see the importance of staying in school since he had responsibilities.

Teejay told his mother he wanted to pursue a musical career, adding that if it was not music, it would have been criminal activities. Still on the topic of fathers, Teejay mentioned that his father is a “wutless bwoy.”

Teejay explained that his father abandoned him and his family when he was two years old and he later saw his father around 2020 when he was in Montego Bay. According to the deejay, he paid his father $30,000 to never come around again.

“A him mi see appear and a di first him a see mi kids dem and a swear mi tek out one $30,000 and tell him don’t come back…mi nuh hate yuh or nuting still,” he said. He also expressed that he respects his stepfather, who took care of him and his family.

Watch the interview with Teejay below:


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