“This World Nuh Deserve Me!” – Shaneil Muir Contemplates Quitting Dancehall Music – Watch Video

In an Instagram Live on Sunday, Shaniel Muir expressed, through tears and disappointment, that she is regretfully considering whether she will remain a member of the dancehall community as an artiste or if she will be throwing in her hat. This happens on the heels of her collapsing due to exhaustion and overwork, causing her to miss a performance in Ocho Rios over the weekend.

Amid streams of tears, she stops several times to ask for strength in speaking out about her situation. She states, “I will never find happiness and peace in this world until mi turn mi life over fully to God,” which she repeats multiple times.

The Top Gyal entertainer remarked that she has a calling on her life by Christ which she has been delaying in order to progress in the dancehall industry, and she feels as if everything she is going through, is just moving her in the direction that she is meant to go.

“Mi nuh feel nuh way cuz guess wah nuh man, mi have a calling pan mi life, mi have a calling pan mi life and God a knock pan mi door and mi ney deh ansa,” she voiced. Continuing, she mentioned, “mi say, I gon stop with this dancehall and mi agguh step out and go back to mi God.”

Her reason for this line of thinking was her admitting that she is constantly battling the people that she trusts when it comes to her professional life and that she is tired of giving the benefit of the doubt when nothing seems to change.

Calling out her management team (Richard Flores [Rebelace Music]), the Exclusive singer declared, “yuh see this manager name, Richie Flores, in my situation he represents the devil himself.” She likened her career to a choice that she is being given by God to make, and the money, the materialistic possessions she needs to let go of.

“Mr Richard Flores I forgive you, and mi thank you,” she stated because what he did has brought her closer to her God.

Flores has been managing the artiste (without a contract) since December 2021. She explained that he was to be paid 20% of her performance fees while a booking agent would be paid 10% (as reported by Flores).

Shaneil stated that she was too consumed with working to realize that her manager was mishandling her finances. This was discovered from attempts to pay taxes in the United States (US) and realizing that as she is paid her share after her manager and booking agent are compensated, her income does not reflect that she pays anyone.

Read text sent to Flores regarding finances below:

Files were requested from her manager and discrepancies were found.

Watch the video below:

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