3 Teens Steal a Maserati in Florida and Crash Leaving One Dead – Watch Video

According to police footage, three teenage boys stole a parked Maserati and crashed after the police gave chase and they accelerated in order to escape capture. The car flipped upside down and one of the teens died on impact.

The incident happened in St. Petersburg on Sunday and the movements of the teens, from when they stole the car to when it crashed, were tracked by a helicopter video that was released by the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office.

The footage shows the teenagers walking along the street when one of them spots the car and tries the door which was unlocked. All three pile into the car and proceed to take a joy ride without knowing that the eyes in the sky were watching. The authorities were already in that area attending to an unrelated robbery call when they spotted the three young men behaving dubiously.

They pulled off in the vehicle and cruised down the street until they noticed that they were being followed by a police car with cops signaling for them to pull over. Instead of stopping, the car accelerates at a high speed, topping 123 MPH. Orders from a police radio tell the pursuing officers to cease pursuit.

The driver loses control of the vehicle and the Maserati skids across the road around 20 minutes after they shake the cops, hits a curb, and capsizes onto the bonnet.

Keondrick Lang, the driver (15 years old), and Malachi Daniels (16 years old) survive the impact and were later hospitalized with critical injuries, but the prediction is that they will survive. However, 15-year-old Mario Bonilla, the third of the teens, died at the scene.

As reported by police, Lang is looking towards a murder charge due to Bonilla’s death, and this charge is applicable under Florida law whenever anyone is killed as a result of a felony.

Watch the video of the crash below:

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