Toronto starting new Business with Dolls

The first legal sex doll brothel with fembots that look just like humans is set to open in Toronto. In Toronto the future is here and it has everything to do with sex dolls.

There is now a website on the internet where there are detailed biographies for the available sex dolls, and you can see information about the dolls height, physical dimension, heritage and more.

The dolls have been made to resemble persons from all the different races. There are Indian dolls, Caucasian dolls, Black dolls, Asian dolls and others. They have done everything possible to make them feel just like humans, their skin is made from TPE silicone, it feels almost like the human skin, in the way it moves and it has pores so patrons will feel as though they are having an experience with a human partner.

Condoms are highly recommended at the brothel, but the dolls might be properly cleaned after they are used so it might not be necessary. The sex dolls are made to please their partners from every orifice the human woman could.
This brothel might open in September, and persons have began to wonder when humans will go extinct and what will the prostitutes do?