UPDATE: Kaylan Has Her Phone and Doing Ok Says Mother… Veneshia Tackled about Sending Kaylan to the Party – Video

The mother of Kaylan Dowdie went live a couple of days ago to give the nation an update about her 17-year-old daughter who is still in the hospital holding on to her life after being attacked and beaten badly by several females in St. Andrew last year.

Kaylan has been in the hospital for six months now and Miss Buckley explained that she doesn’t wish the same condition on another mother’s child.

According to the mother, Kaylan was defending someone when she got beaten badly. She also went on to explain that Kaylan doesn’t know the girls that beat her and the girls also don’t know Kaylan.

Veneshia Buckley explained that Kaylan now has her phone and can do whatever she want with it including posting content however she can’t post content from the hospital.

She was then bashed for allowing Kaylan to attend the party something she did not take kindly to, Miss Buckley recalls telling Kaylan numerous times that she was not going to the party however she changed her mind and send her at the last point.

According to Veneshia, Kaylan got cardiac arrest days after her attackers were granted bail, she also recalls Kaylan crying and blaming her for acknowledging what people say on the internet.

Watch the entire live chat below.

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