Usain Bolt Left Wondering With a Hand On His Jaw

Usain St. Leo Bolt has seemingly had enough due to a post of an image to his Twitter account a few hours ago. The retired sprinter looked directly into the camera’s lens, so the pain and frustration in his eyes could be seen.

Bolt has recently been the main topic of an enormous fraud by the non-bank financial institution Stocks and Securities Limited’s Jean-Ann Panton, by whom he was robbed of millions of dollars in a personal account he had with the institution.

Since then, new evidence has led investigators down a rigorous rabbit hole of fraudulent activities as they uncover new revelations about the sensitive matter each day. On January 17th, Bolt and his capable team of attorneys gave the fraud-stricken investment firm 10 days to return the nearly $2 billion that they had fleeced him of, or he would take legal action against the company; however, the institution has yet to comply with Bolt and his team’s orders.

Usain Bolt has yet to breathe a sigh of relief, as none of the information that has been released about the case has hinted at when or if he will get back the money he was fleeced of.

The main suspect in the investigation, Jean-Ann Panton, has been remanded by police officers and charged with crimes such as the breach of the Cybercrimes Act and larceny. Panton made her first court appearance, a day ago, where her attorney, Tamika Harris, requested bail for her client because of the state of her health and fitness.

It was denied, however, because only one of the numerous ailments mentioned during the hearing had been submitted to the court in a written document, so the judge decided to postpone the bail proceedings until these documents were handed over through the proper channels. It was then reported that the hearing would continue on February 24, 2023.

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Check out Bolt’s post below, it had no caption.

Since posting the image, Bolt has received a wealth of well-wishes, inquiries into the ongoing case and advice from his supporters worldwide. See some of the reactions below: