Valiant and Armanii Talk On Studio Incident With Walk and Talk “Him have wasteman style” – Watch Video

Friday, June 14, 2024, 12:19 PM GMT-5

Amidst the drama surrounding, Valiant, Armanii, Walk and Talk and Jaii Frais, Armanii went live to clear his name regarding the viral video of Walk and Talk getting clowned in a studio. However, Valiant who was not happy with Armanii trying to clear his name joined the live to talk his mind on the matter.

According to Valiant, Walk and Talk caused the situation on himself highlighting that the street promoter was the one who requested for a video to be recorded as he apologised to Armanii.

A week ago, Walk and Talk stated during the Let’s be Honest Podcast that ‘Haad’ by Armanii is not currently the hottest “gyal song” hence he was apologising for that statement as he asked the artiste for dubs in studio.

In the live chat with Armanii, after stating that he does not like to address drama publicly, Valiant stated, “Bro gad Walk and Talk know… people nuh know weh him duh enuh but him know weh him duh… a him a seh him wah video… Walk and talk have some waste man style.”

Valiant went on to state that “a wi dawg” seemingly highlighting that things are not as bad as some people make it seems, “we and Walk and Talk good” he outlines. Before leaving the live-chat he told Armanii to play new music instead of dwelling on the issue online because people going to bash him regardless.

Watch the video below:

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