Vershon Hails Bounty Killer As The “General” In Dancehall, Says ‘Pillow Talk’ Is Not A Diss Track

Thursday, June 13, 2024, 1:21 PM GMT-5

Dancehall artiste Vershon who is currently on the island sat down with The Fix to talk about his successful music career and plans for the future. In the interview, Vershon pointed out that he’s now living in Florida after migrating during the pandemic.

Vershon whose birth name is Adrian Brown and now 33 years old disclosed that despite the move to overseas being successful business-wise, it has slowed down his buzz in Jamaica because he’s less active on the ground locally.

According to Vershon, at one point he was “stuck” in one place and did not get to do shows and move around as he would like because he was waiting on his papers to finalize. He explained that he does not have as many producer associates overseas as in Jamaica. He detailed that when he is in Jamaica he usually works with Cash-Flow and Burchill and working with them is natural to him.

“Mi back and forth,” he states as he explains how he keeps his career afloat. He was next asked by Naro whether or not he “married fi papers”, however, Vershon revealed that, that was not the case and getting US citizenship was “easy” for him. He went on to detail that because he’s a law-abiding individual getting his papers was not hard.

According to Vershon, prior to his return to the island, he was convinced by supports to return to Jamaica because his music have a message that is needed in the Dancehall industry. With regards to the lewd music that’s taking over the Dancehall space, Vershon outlined “Yuh nuh affi put everything inna di music.”


Highlighting that he has boundaries he outlines, “yuh affi have a limit.”

With regards to dancing songs, Vershon shares that he ventured into making dancing music to appeal to the younger generation and Tiktokers, however, he is not happy with some of the dance moves being done by males locally.

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“Everybody a try fi mek fun music now which is a good thing,” he stated before bashing some of the dance moves nowadays in Dancehall such as male dancers lifting their shirts to show their belly and also whining their waist.

“Just that me have problem with some a the youth dem, the type a dance mi see dem a duh mi nuh really like it, the lift up shirt and the whine dem waist like gyal and steal the gyal dem routine and stuff like that mi nuh suh with that,” he stated before reminding the hosts that Bogle did not indulge in such activities.

Further on in the interview, host Naro asked Vershon about his song ‘Pillow Talk‘ which is regarded as a diss song towards Popcaan and Ce’cile, however, Vershon was quick to point out that it’s not a diss song aimed at the Unruly Boss and Ce’cile, “mi cah think bout one thing inna the song weh mi wudda seh is a diss… it neva mention nuh name inna it,” he declared.

Regardless of the song and previous interviews highlighting Popcaan’s “selfish” ways, Vershon expressed that he respects Popcaan for calling him up on Sumfest stage and being an icon in Dancehall.

Switching from the Popcaan topic, Vershon pointed out that he did not sign a contract with Burchill, he also used Bounty Killer as an example for an artiste bringing others to the forefront without expecting a contract in return.

“Dem cah ever remove Bounty Killer out a this,” Vershon outlined before highlighting that Bounty Killer is responsible for half of the music industry, he went on to point out that the Seaview artiste is his general, “Bounty Killer bigup yo self yuh a mi general straight-up”.

Watch the full interview below:

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