Walk and Talk Announces New Podcast ‘Let’s Be Real’ Following Argument with Jaii Frais

Friday, June 14, 2024, 10:36 AM GMT-5

Following his apparent fallout with friend and podcast host Jaii Frais, music/party promoter Walk and Talk indicated on Thursday that he will be releasing his very own podcast, Let’s Be Real which is a play on words to Jaii Frais’s Let’s Be Honest podcast.

Walk and Talk has been a frequent guest/co-host on Jaii Frais’ podcast Let’s Be Honest, with the promotor often appearing in episodes alongside Jaii Frais to talk about music, artistes, and the latest controversies.

In the latest episode of the podcast, entitled The TRUTH: Let’s Be Real, the pair had an argument that brought the podcast to an abrupt end. Shortly before the release of the episode on Thursday, Walk and Talk indicated in a post on his Instagram Stories that he would be releasing his own podcast.

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The party promoter also took a jab at Jaii Frais, sharing a video seemingly mocking Jaii Frais for having an expensive car and not a house.

The argument between the pair began over comments Walk and Talk had made about Dancehall artiste Armanii’s single HAAD (Fiesta). Jaii Frais argued that Walk and Talk’s statements were biased because the deejay had refused to do a dubplate for him.

On the other hand, Walk and Talk expressed that Armanii has become disrespectful since the statements, which he had not taken seriously, and that it is unacceptable. Viewers of the video have shared varied reactions, with some speculating that it is a prank to promote the new podcast.

However, others have taken the fallout seriously and have expressed that it was unprofessional of Jaii Frais to share the footage of their massive argument publicly.

Watch Walk and Talk’s latest live on the matter below:

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