WATCH: Eklypse “Moves” Music Video

Fast-rising dancehall artiste Eklypse drops the music video for his track titled “Moves”. It’s a song about the progressive changes in his life, his lifestyle and how connected he is in the streets. In “Moves” Eklypse also highlights the fact that some of his friends change on him since he starts to progress and make the big moves.

The eye-catching music video for “Moves” features popular entertainer, Ding Dong and several other popular faces.

SOME LYRICS “One time god know nuh body neva use to care and now the ting shot now dem a draw near… yo nuh si the ting up … man tall inna di game cud a wah duh light post… now a we a mek e moves from you diss yo mek e news… dem nuh love fi si man winning and winning, dem love fi si man lose”.

Watch the official music video for “Moves” below.