Will Smith’s Demand Increases Despite 10 Year Oscar Ban

Even though actor Will Smith recently received a 10-year ban from the Oscar’s governing body which might have caused people to think that it would be the end of his career, the “Fresh Prince OF Belair” is still well occupied since the UK magazine Daily Star has reported that he has been getting a lot of bookings just the same from big streamers and studios.

Smith was smacked with the ban after an altercation that saw him go up on the Oscar stage without being invited and slapping his fellow Hollywood peer Chris Rock in the face for a comment he made about a condition of Alopecia that his wife Jada Pinkett-Smith has been suffering from that subjected the actress to great hair loss.

As a consequence the Daily Star also made it known that any upcoming projects set for Netflix to feature Will Smith will be halted but it seems as if nothing will be stopping the 53-year-old actor since it appears as if Hollywood is hunting for a redemption story and so filling him within many offers at this time, increasingly raising his demand.

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