Woman Confesses To Having Sex With Mother’s Boyfriend Since Age 16

As the stories unfold on the ‘Dear Pastor’ column they get more interesting by the day, and today we will be sharing one with you that sees an 18-year-old woman struggling with a situation that finds her mother involved as well, all because of a man.

The female told the columnist that when she was 16 years of age, she started to have sex with a man that she knew at the time to be a good friend of her mother. According to the young woman, what caused her to get close to the man was due to her mother at the time not being able to completely take care of her needs.

The female expressed that while she was going to school at the age of 14 she would usually see her friends eating more lunch than her, which she knew was due to them having boyfriends, however, her mother did not frown against having a mate as the woman said her mom told her that while she was that age she had male partners.

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Since then though, the young woman told ‘Dear Pastor’ that her mother’s friend was always telling her how sexy she was and wanted to have sex with her but always warned her not to let her mother find out. Based on what she said, there was much hesitation on her part until she reached the age of 16 when she decided to engage in sex with the man. As for the male figure, she expressed that he was always telling her that he would take time with her.

At that time the female explained to the columnist that she was once home alone and called the man, telling him of her situation. She went on to explain that the man went over to her house but was prepared to have sex with her.

Before they started to have sexual intercourse, the young woman said the man asked her how much she wanted and she told him anything he had. According to the female, she was feeling scared and funny about the moment, especially when he held her but she went along with it. 


She goes on with the story to make it known that once they were finished having sex, the man told her to go wash up, and gave her $6000 afterwards.

The crazy part of the story unfolds when the woman explains to the columnist that she found out that the man and her mother were in a relationship, upon knowing she was not happy about her mom realizing and telling her how much the man could help her.

Determined to have her way, the female said she continued to have sex with the man until this day and is even getting more money at this point than she used to receive from him. As for what she thinks about the man’s feelings towards her, she has expressed to ‘Dear Pastor’ that the man loves her more than her mother due to her seeing it in his eyes.

The story is certainly a mind-boggling one that would stretch anyone’s imagination as to what is going on in homes and relationships. You never can fully understand what a person is going through.

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