Woman Gets Run Over Twice by a Tractor in China – See Video

A woman gets run over by a tractor twice after she runs into the back of it and the driver fails to see her.

The incident was captured on video, showing the tractor backing out of a building in which it was parked. The large vehicle was about halfway out of the parking space by the time the woman entered the footage and ran straight into the back of the tractor.

After being hit by the tractor, the motorcycle she was travelling on flew out from under her and she fell on the ground behind the tractor. The driver, failing to notice the collision, continued to reverse and ended up running over the woman.

An oncoming car saw the incident and slowed to a stop, however, they also failed to warn the driver of the tractor who remains oblivious to the situation. He once again moves the tractor forward, and the camera catches a glimpse of the woman trying to get up but was ultimately hindered when the tractor reverses and ran over the lady once more.

The truck driver begins to straighten the vehicle on the road, and viewers can once again see the woman, this time being dragged under the tractor wheel and trying to get out. As if just realizing that something was wrong when the tractor began to display a bumping motion, the driver quickly gets out of the vehicle and hurries to try to help the woman to her feet.

According to World Star Hip Hop, where the video was posted, the accident took place in South China, in the Guangdong province.

The strange incident sparked a conversation on the platform, and someone pointed out, “that was her fault all the way…how do u speed right into a truck unless youre not paying attention to where ur going. He was already backing out before she came,” while someone else said, “now wtf was she doing?!?!! this was avoidable.”

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