Woman Slaps Boyfriend After He Proposed with A Ring She Did Not Like- Watch Video

What should have been a romantic moment turned into a painful experience when a woman slapped her boyfriend after he proposed with a ring that was not to her liking. The male was clearly taken by surprise at her aggressive reaction to his declaration of love, as were the people cheering them on nearby. The proposal that did not go according to plan was immortalized in a video that surfaced online.

The video began with the man kneeling outside a building with a ring among a group of people. He was dressed similarly to his girlfriend, who was standing directly in front of him in a matching white top and black jeans. While the audience showed their jubilation, the woman, who was shocked, appeared unaware of what to do as she turned in circles and dropped her bag to the ground. She was initially happy with the proposal, smiling as she spun in circles. However, her happiness faded when she neared him and saw what was in his hand.

After closing the distance between them, she took a closer look at the ring he was holding before slapping him across the face. The group fell silent before someone eventually asked why she slapped him. She retrieved her handbag without a word and left her boyfriend still kneeling while he recovered from the forceful hit she landed on his cheek. The clip ended after another female attended to the jilted boyfriend, asking if he was okay. 

Watch the video of the proposal below: