10 Essential Apps for Effective Studying

Putting your phone aside when studying isn’t your strategy? Well, then we suggest that you don’t put the gadget away, but download applications that can make your learning process more effective. To motivate yourself to write a term paper, finish homework, or remember key concepts for an exam, add some variety to your routine. We have compiled a selection of 10 apps that help simplify many tasks. Read on to find those that meet your needs!


Perhaps, experienced writers who easily cope with any task remain the greatest assistants anyone can possibly imagine. The world-famous paper writing service PaperWriter released its application not so long ago: here, you can order any academic paper in just a couple of moments.

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Other advantages include:

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Do you have a lot of ideas and insights, but need to structure them all? To increase creativity, try the mind maps method. Mind maps gather various details on a single page, creating a clear, logical sequence. If you find yourself losing track of your thoughts, a quick glance at the mind map can help you recall what you’ve overlooked. All your arguments, evidence, references and theses are gathered in one place, isn’t it great? 


SpeechTexter is a program for converting speech into text. This is a very useful tool for students who can hardly write down everything the teacher says. This program will also be useful when you are at a meeting with a teacher to ask important questions about future paperwork. SpeechTexter efficiently records your notes.

This app features a user-friendly design. Simply open it, choose your language, hit the microphone icon, and begin speaking. Your spoken words are converted into written text instantly.

This tool will be handy when inspiration strikes you on the road or somewhere else when typing is completely inconvenient.


Ideal for those with iPads and Apple Pencils. Electronic note-taking is more practical than lugging around notepads, pens, and other stationery. It feels like writing on paper when you use the screen. Add photos, typed text, or use various colored markers for drawing. You get three digital notebooks with endless pages for free, and the upgraded Pro version offers limitless notebook creation. This app is certainly a great choice for creative students with a visual perception channel.

Pomodoro: Productivity Timer

The Pomodoro technique is quite famous in time management. It’s simple: you need to set a timer for 25 minutes and work without distractions. When the timer signals, take a five-minute break. Then, you should alternate work and rest at equal intervals. 

  • You get used to the fact that a set timer is a call to concentrate on work. After several days or weeks of using this method, your brain will start working immediately after setting the timer;
  • Without regular rest, the brain can’t work efficiently, that’s why you need short breaks;
  • With the Pomodoro system, you always set priorities for the current sprint and stick to them.


Great app for planning and taking notes. The program offers you to create folders and distribute cards in them using such categories as “today”, “tomorrow”, “upcoming”, etc. Here, you can also set a reminder for tests or important deadlines (which you can later share with the best paper writing service), or save study materials. 


The program interface consists of Kanban boards. Each board can be devoted to a specific subject containing materials with lectures, articles, books, links and anything you need. You can also create subtasks inside the cards, take notes, attach links, set deadlines, comment, and track your study progress.

Another great feature is that in Trello, you can share your boards with friends and manage them together, especially when working on a group project.


The best thing about Notion is that you can use it to create anything you want: a schedule, a diary, or a database of materials for studying. You can take notes, attach materials to lectures in different formats, and create tables. Notion allows you to manage your own uniquely designed, multi-level organization system. For example, your Notion page dedicated to the humanities may consist of a block with notes, a checklist and a list of educational resources. Collect everything you need in one place.

Google Calendar

A basic program that we simply can’t help but include on the list. Why fill your head with unnecessary information about meetings and deadlines if you have an e-calendar? Here, you can set the time, configure notifications, and at the right moment, the application itself will remind you what to prepare for.

Google Keep

Cloud service for creating small text notes. Google Keep allows you to pin important notes to focus on current tasks, group them into folders, set reminders and create lists. It also supports collaborative editing. Notes are transferable from one device to another, you just need to sign in to your Google account.

To Wrap It Up

It is much easier to master the school curriculum if you diversify the learning process with the help of useful applications. We have collected 10 of the most effective ones – with them, you will definitely meet all deadlines, improve your academic performance and at the same time, avoid unnecessary stress and anxiety. 

Connect with talented writers, organize your ideas well, create new habits, and stay up to date. Over time, you will notice that learning will be much easier.

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