10-Year-Old Takes Her Own Life After Bullying Incident Caught On Camera!

USA – An Aurora couple are dealing with an unimaginable loss as they prepare to lay their 10-year-old daughter to rest.

Ashawnty Davis was a fifth-grader at Sunrise Elementary School in Aurora. At the end of October when she was involved in a fight after school on Sunrise Elementary property. She got into her first ever fight and It was recorded by a student and sent to an app called Musical.ly.

The parents say the bullying she endured after the video surfaced was too much for the 10-year-old to handle.

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Margaret Mattison

A WTF a gwaan

Sophia Grant

these kids nowadays are so weak back in the day you live through bullying and all that what is a 10 year old doing killing herself this is not normal something is wrong and i been hearing stories like these alot what are these kids nowadays going do when they get older nad have to get into the real world you have to be strong life is not easy i blame the media having all these corruption and brain washig these kids nothing is normal anymore the world is going to hell

Gold Digger

If this is true it’s so sad,,RIEP princess

Nikki Bell

To these parents I am praying that you will both have the strength to deal with this pain , my condolences and I am so sorry for the loss of your angel …..
but I would be so angry so I cannot imagine what your pain is like I am so sorry

Roxanne Wilson

That so sad and fuck up