10Tik Stands on Watermelon With Popcaan’s Name Carved Into It and Explains His Issues With the Unruly Boss – Watch Video

Wednesday, October 4, 2023, 7:43 AM GMT-5

Dancehall artiste 10Tik is standing firm on his ‘watermelon’ position as he continues to take jabs at his colleague, Popcaan, in his latest dig at the Family singer, the Kingston native poses for a video with his foot on a watermelon with Popcaan’s name carved into it.

In the video clip, 10Tik explains why he is continuing his quest to diss Popcaan aka “Melon Head” as per the deejay and the main reason he smashed a watermelon in one of his viral videos aimed at Popcaan. He also declared his straightness and boasted about the verity that no female can call up his name publicly on anything shaky or compromising.


“People, you know we nuh response when we talk, a know a lot a you been wondering why me buss the melon the other day yah, me nah nuh problem wid melon specifically you know we love all the fruit them but me waa tell some boy this straight man them still exist and we still fu**ing out yah,” 10Tik declared.

The Roll Deep singer continued his explanation by stating, “Cause some pussy caa come call me name and nuh gal caa call me name so you see when we buss the melon me just a try show you seh nuh gal can comment nuh lady nuh woman nuh female, we straight and we still out yah memba that ano e new in thing, yeah man the real dog them out yah sed way and a that’s why we buss the melon.”

See the video below:

10 Tik Disses Popcaan Again


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