11 Pros and Cons of Writing Your Essays by Hand

December 19, 2022 7:09 PM

Back in the day, when computers weren’t as available or phones weren’t smart enough, most people wrote using their hands. This is not to say that people didn’t ever use typewriters. Still, only offices or the rich could afford it, and it was still considered a mechanical writing process.

But before we jump in, students reading this should also know that they can use technology to help with their essays. Students may not always be able to submit their work on time, let alone write them by hand all the time. During such time crunches, students can receive some additional support from online platforms.


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Today, only a handful in every academic or peer circle use their hands to write. Modern technology has provided people with all the necessary tools to write flawlessly, even if writing isn’t their strongest suit. But as we already know, technology makes our lives easier and not always better. Although this statement can be argued from various angles, in the case of writing, there are several truths attached to it.

In general, writing by hand is known to provide several benefits. Some of them are: 

  • Combating mental health issues like anxiety, depression, dyslexia, Alzheimer’s, & stress
  • Creating better and more articulate notes, especially when studying or revising
  • Opening up and sharing more intimate thoughts and beliefs within yourself
  • Enhancement of critical thinking and discernment skills
  • Slowing down mental aging or decline
  • Reducing the impact of distractions
  • Improving hand-eye coordination
  • Improving dexterity skills

Pros of Writing Your Essays by Hand

  1. It Helps in Better Content Formulation & Writing

Those who write by hand also tend to practice their content mentally. This practice enables them to think of their essay work in a broader light and formulate their content better. It also enables them to harness a flow to their work. 

  1. Adds More Surety to One’s Content

To avoid constant errors in one’s content and text, one should be sure of what they’re writing by hand. When regularly practiced, this habit ensures that one creates more solid content mentally before churning them out physically.

  1. Handwritten Content Can be More Authentic, Raw & Real

Several of the world’s most renowned authors and poets have been known to write using their hands and their pens. According to many, it creates a better connection between one’s thoughts and what needs to be written. Writing by hand also pushes one’s boundaries and helps one look deeper into their soul.

  1. It Is Known to Boost One’s Creativity & Memory

Handwriting enables one to think outside the box and go beyond previously avoided thought horizons. It allows one’s mind to wander and float in a more authentic way. Additionally, it also enables one to memorize their work and understand it better. In fact, several people attest that writing is their number one technique for learning and memorizing.

  1. Improves One’s Attention & Focus

Naturally, writing by hand enables one to focus more on what they are doing. This is because one has to be aware of their pen or pencil, paper, pad, handwriting, and more. Then, they also need to focus on what they have to write. Doing and taking care of all of these together allows one to get into a flow state.

  1. Enables You to Learn & Comprehend Your Content Better

As discussed, it is well-known that writing one’s work enables one to learn and understand it better. When essays are handwritten, it allows students to dictate, explain, or recite their work after submission. Thus, saving them some time with post-work revision when asked to provide insights or analysis.

Credit: Samuel Rios

Cons of Writing Your Essays by Hand

  1. It Can be More Time-Consuming

Having a lot of work on one’s hands when time is limited can be quite a stressful situation. Writing by hand naturally takes longer than typing on a keyboard or even on the phone. This option should be avoided when students are burdened with too much work or submissions.

  1. More Resources Are Involved in the Process

When writing by hand, one needs to gather equipment like pens, pencils, sheets of paper, writing pads, and more. They would also need to take care of things like lighting, shadows, and sitting positions. This makes it harder for students to work from a location of their choice.

  1. Manual Checking of Content Errors

The biggest problem with writing by hand in today’s world is that it can’t be put through various automated software for checks. Handwritten content requires one to manually scrutinize their work from start to finish so they can eliminate any errors in the text.

  1. It’s Harder to Share with Broader Audiences

Today’s cloud technology has made it very easy for people from all walks of life to share their work from anywhere and at any time. This is another problem associated with handwritten work – if one doesn’t have a good-quality scanner, they would have to deliver their work manually. This makes the overall exchange of information between people and institutions slower.

  1. One Has to Also Work on Their Handwriting Skills

Although handwriting one’s essay can have a lot of benefits, the act itself requires a certain level of skill. And it may be hard to believe, but it is much harder for certain people to write in a clearly distinguishable way. To always present their work clearly, one would need to work on enhancing their handwriting to show their work clearly and boldly.

The Bottom Line

Handwritten essays can surely come out spectacularly, but it does carry some weight along with them. For starters, they should be selected when students have more energy, space, and time on their hands. Students are also advised to take the overall urgency and levels of toughness when thinking about using their hands to write.


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