$12 Million Negril Sign Lights Gone Missing

In a story by the Jamaica Star, Delano Seiveright, senior advisor to the Ministry of Tourism, was left expressing his sadness as unknown assailants made off with the light that overshadowed the new Negril Jam-Iconic Experience sign.

The sign, which was unveiled on September 9, 2022, was a product of the Tourism Product Development Company Ltd. (TPDCo). The welcome sign greets travellers as they are entering the resort town of Negril. Many citizens have taken the site as an area for public photoshoots because they think it is extremely lovely.


Delano Seiveright stated that the $12 million sign is a huge draw for tourists from all over the world who visit the western parish. He then pleaded with members of the Jamaican public to aid the police in locating the lights by providing information that would assist in their retrieval.

Finally, he stated that the Tourism Product Development Company (TPDCo) will assess its losses and decide how to proceed. They are also making plans to have increased security measures put in place to protect the property of the state.

In an interview with the general manager of the Board Walk Villas in Negril, Richard Wallace, he also expressed that he was heartbroken when he was informed of the terrible act. He added that he was told that the criminals who ran off with the lights were in possession of a truck that operated a bucket, which they used to steal the lights that were mounted approximately 30 feet above the sign.

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He also expressed the opinion that the people were just terrible crooks because, if they had access to such machinery, they could afford to make a living and were not suffering from hunger. The report stated that the lights were stolen between January 3 and 7.

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