12YO Boy Falls into This Deep Tank and Drowns in St. Ann – Watch Videos

A 12-year-old boy drowned after falling into a deep tank in Brown’s Town, St Ann, yesterday. Despite the efforts of residents, one of whom documented the incident on his smartphone and posted it on TikTok, the child was unable to be rescued from the cold, dark water that filled the tank.

In a series of videos uploaded to the platform, TikTok user Rodge Wallace showed the big concrete tank, estimated to be 20 feet deep, where the child remained for some time until the authorities came and pumped out the water.


In one of the videos, which was taken before the authorities came, he said, “One likkle bwoy drop inna one tank over deh so and a first inna my life from mi deh yah mi know seh di tank deep so…. di tank deep and dutty…mi a try see if mi find di likkle yout inna di water and mi cyaa find him. Right now, him inna di tank a drown.”

The video continues to show the residents’ efforts to locate the child in the depths of the water. According to Wallace, the water was colder further down, and the walls became narrower as they continued, which made it stifling.

Wallace explained that while he was deep inside the tank trying to locate the boy, his chest felt tight, and he started panicking.

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A woman was heard crying in the background as residents stood and watched the tragic scene unfold.

One of the videos showed a man and a woman arguing, seemingly after the child’s body was removed from the tank. According to the information in the comments, a woman who blamed the wailing mother for her son’s death got into an argument with the mother’s boyfriend.

Watch the videos of the incident below:

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