13-Y-O Drag Queen Performs in Front of a Cheering Crowd – Watch Video

Friday, March 24, 2023, 6:03 PM GMT-5

In a video many have accused of being excessively provocative, a 13-year-old boy dressed as a female danced to an applauding crowd of adults.

The boy was reportedly performing at the pro-LGBTQ Ballroom Throwbacks Television Awards Ball in New York City. The teen can be seen performing his routine up and down a stage surrounded by a cheering crowd.


Many viewers found the video too provocative for a child that young. “…I find this so inappropriate. No 13-year-old should be dancing like this while wearing a leather dress and thigh-high boots while on a stage surrounded by grown folk,” one Twitter user wrote.

But one viewer argued that outrage was seemingly only expressed towards provocative displays from the LGBTQ community.

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“There are straight teenagers performing much more provocatively than this on a daily basis. In fact it’s even taking place in schools with cheerleaders and dance studios and gyms where gymnasts dance with skimpy outfits on. Why is it only a problem when it’s a nonbinary teen?” the viewer wrote.

Watch the video below.

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