14YO Boy Killed while Trying to Protect his Girlfriend at Mall in USA

Bobby Maher, a 14-year-old student at the Dean Middle School in Wyoming was stabbed to death while trying to protect his girlfriend and her companion from alleged harrassment by two boys from the same school. The incident took place at the Eastridge Mall in Casper after the girlfriend phoned Maher about what was happening.

The knife used to commit the act was admittedly stolen from a Target at the mall a short while before the killing, according to the suspects.


The tragic tale was caught on Camera and the suspects, 15-year-old Dominique Harris and 15-year-old Jarreth Plunkett have been identified since the incident and charged (as adults). Harris was charged with aggravated assault and battery, conspiracy to commit first-degree murder, and misdemeanor theft, while Plunkett was charged with conspiracy to commit murder, theft, aggravated assault and battery, and first-degree murder.

Their bonds were set at 500,000 (Plunkett) and $450,000 (Harris) at a court hearing on Monday, while the incident took place the Sunday before.

Reports state that Maher showed up at the Mall after his girlfriend called and warned the teens away while guiding his girlfriend and her friend from the mall. The children were said to only have known the defendants by the nicknames ‘Dom’ and ‘JJ’ but according to Maher’s friend, there was a previous confrontation between the three boys at a park.

Video footage at the scene allegedly recorded Plunketts and Harris’ mall clash with Maher who was seen backing away from the duo before they attacked him. Maher’s aggressors were wearing hooded balaclava-style masks.

Harris was taped rushing Maher and grabbing him by the waist before slamming him to the ground and proceeding to hit him in the face multiple times. Plunkett then intervened and stabbed the deceased. The two boys later fled to the parking lot, according to the police, where they disposed of their masks and the murder weapon before absconding the scene entirely.

Plunkett and Harris were caught a short time later by law enforcement officers whom they told that the victim called them “freaks”.

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