15-Yr-Old Dies As a Result of Bullying in Trelawny, Mother Gives Details

March 17, 2023 12:03 PM

On Tuesday, March 14, Nastacia Turner, a 15-year-old Holmwood Technical High School student from Mendez Town, Trelawny was pronounced dead after she fell and hit her head.

Reports state that Turner was the victim of bullying which derived from questions about the child’s paternity, and that the family member involved, the cousin of the deceased (also 15 years old), was taken into custody.


According to the Jamaica Observer, who spoke to Turner’s mother, Latoya Reece, her daughter was being bullied by her niece because Turner’s father had refused to accept paternity.

Reece stated that the bullying extended to school and that she made trips there in order to address the matter, however, it was futile. Reece tried to get her daughter a transfer, but that too came to nothing. She said that the principal of her daughter’s school wrote her two recommendation letters for a transfer to both Spalding High and Christiana High, but she was turned away with the reason of not being able to do a transfer in the middle of a school term.

Reece voiced that she did everything she could to protect her daughter, including going to the police and speaking to bullies’ parents. However, she said, “The Wait-A-Bit police went with me to one of the kids’ house to speak to her parents. That child did not bother Nastacia any more, but her cousin continued to trouble her,” and the bullying got so bad that her daughter wanted to quit school.

Explaining further, Reece said she tried everything to get the bullying to stop but none of the family members did anything and the father of the child only responded by saying that “they were just children.”

The death of her daughter has left her traumatized, and she vocalized that she has not been able to sleep or eat since she died. “I saw when the cousin pushed her and she dropped on her head,” she revealed. The two girls were said to be fighting when they fell and the deceased hit her head.

On the day Turner died, she had complained to her mom that her cousin and her friends stole and hid her school bag. Reece told the story of how later that day she heard a scream and looked to see her other daughter (who always sits down the road) rolling down the hill, and was told that the cousin pushed her down into the bushes.


“I ran to take her out of the bush and Nastacia also came to help me with her sister…Nastacia asked her why she can’t behave herself,” Reece continued. After that, the cousin also pushed Turner, which was the decisive act that caused her to fall and hit her head. While the deceased lay on the ground, unmoving, Turner’s father brought the cousin to the police station, according to Reece.

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