15YO Sexually Assaulted, Shot and Set on Fire by Mother and Stepfather in Louisiana, per Report

Thursday, May 23, 2024, 9:47 AM

A Louisiana man and his girlfriend are currently in police custody after he allegedly shot her daughter after abusing her, and the woman set her on fire after finding out.

According to reports, 41-year-old Terrence Washington had allegedly been sexually abusing his girlfriend Latonya Harris’s 15-year-old daughter for months when Harris found out. The 40-year-old mother allegedly blamed her for the abuse and set the teen on fire.


After setting the teen on fire in February, Harris attempted to treat the injuries herself at their home. However, Washington allegedly shot the victim multiple times in April, and he, Harris, the badly injured teen, and another minor left Louisiana.

The group was later discovered by the authorities in Texas after Washington crashed their car. The teen was rushed to the hospital after she was found with injuries unrelated to the crash, and Washington was detained.

In addition to reportedly admitting to sexually abusing her, Washington told the authorities that he shot her in the chest and face with a shotgun and that Harris was responsible for her burns.

Reports state that the teen’s injuries include large-scale burns to the majority of her upper body and extensive burns on half of her face. In addition to losing multiple teeth, one of the young girl’s eyes had to be surgically removed, and she will have to undergo mouth reconstruction surgery.

Washington and Harris have both been arrested and hit with multiple charges, including attempted murder.

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