16YO Clarendon Teen Missing for Over a Month, Family Receives Cryptic Messages from Her Phone

A 16-year-old girl from Clarendon has been missing for over a month, and her concerned family has received several cryptic messages from her phone. The missing teen, Britannia O’Connor, was last seen leaving Vere Technical High School in Clarendon on March 15. 

Family members said that she was supposed to return to her home in Lionel Town in the parish, but she did not. A relative stated that the teen was to stay with a cousin who was visiting, and when she did not arrive home on time, the cousin decided to wait until it was clear that something was wrong.


It has been 45 days since the teen has been missing, and the police are investigating her disappearance. One of her relatives told TVJ News that the police said they tracked the teen’s phone “somewhere near Bamboo Friendship” in Hanover. According to the news outlet, the phone was tracked in March.

Additionally, her family told the news outlet that students at her school accused her of creating a gossip page on Instagram, causing her to receive threats and be bullied by a gang of students. The family’s efforts to contact Britannia have resulted in cryptic replies from the teen’s phone, one of which includes an apology. 

“Am sorry I love you guys so much but I can’t do this no more I wanna go home and rest,” the message said. The message was sent right after the relative asked her if she was in Montego Bay.

A friend of the teen also received two messages, saying, “It’s a reason y me go weh,” and “An me nah go bk home.”

Another strange message sent to her cousin reads, “Me personally do this because me wah tek the burden off a uno as me family me wah face the consequences alone an me know some a uno a seh a me man yard me gone uno might nah guh seh so pon the media but me know only reason y me woulda come bk is because me wah finish school.”

The message went on to say that she feels like she is the worst person. An accompanying message states that she is residing with a friend named Crystal, but she will not disclose where Crystal lives.

Furthermore, a voice note was sent to the cousin, informing the relative that she was okay and they should stop worrying about her. However, Britannia’s family is not convinced that the voice belongs to the teenage girl. 

Anyone with information regarding the whereabouts of Britannia O’Connor should contact the Lionel Town Police at (876) 986-3233 or the nearest police station.

Watch the news report below:

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