1Biggs Don Accused of Wrecking Multiple Rentals – Watch as Another Car Owner Speaks Out

Sunday, November 27, 2022, 9:42 AM GMT-5

1Biggs Don has recently been accused of crashing a car that he rented and refused to pay for the damages, and now another individual has come forward to accuse him of the same.

During a session with Pelpa Time Production, someone called in to state that he also had a bad experience where 1Biggs Don and his friends rented his car, and he got it back in deplorable condition. The caller said that a friend of the artiste rented the vehicle initially, however he saw the artiste a few days later driving the car.

Although the caller mentioned that he had pictures of the car in its totalled state, he refused to send the evidence because “mi nuh really a do di bagga extra ting, cuz yu done know, we nuh deh yah fi kill people.” He also said that he likes 1Biggs Don as an artiste and that he should focus more on his music and reevaluate how he does things.

Listing the damage done to the rental, the owner of the car stated that he did not know who exactly caused which particular damage, but the front bumper and back lights were damaged as well as the speakers, prior to the car being wrecked the second time. He also voiced that he could see where someone had tried to fix the car but failed and weed was also found in the interior.

The owner of the vehicle also said 1Biggs Don mentioned he would help to pay for the damages, which he then took back saying he would not pay for someone else’s damages. Again, the caller reiterated, “mi nah try fi tarnish a man, mi just a say yow, him fi do better…and try fi do the right thing going forward.”

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