1Biggs Don Allegedly Wrecked Rented Car and Refuses to Pay for The Damages – Listen Audio

Dancehall artiste 1Biggs Don has been accused of wrecking a rented vehicle and refusing to pay for the damages. The allegations were presented by an alleged family member who called Pelpa Time Production, telling them that his brother had rented his car to 1Biggs Don. The caller, who resides overseas, claimed that the Bwoy Affi artiste paid to rent his car for six days and requested to rent it for an additional week, but he never paid the subsequent cash.

Given that the entertainer didn’t pay, the caller said he had requested his vehicle back, but 1Biggs Don refused and cussed him out. The caller stated that he contacted 1Biggs Don’s father/manager who is his cousin but the father told him that he would not receive the car until the week was completed.


However, he did not receive any down payment for the rental. “Him go Live wid Lisa Hype Sunday…and Lisa Hype ask him…’what kinda car yah drive?’ Him ago tell Lisa Hype seh Honda. Dat man nuh own a car,” he explained, adding that the Honda was his car. 

He continued by saying that 1Biggs Don had noted that Silk Boss had bought a vehicle, and he could not “make his ting look small.” It was also mentioned that 1Biggs Don had moved into a fancy area to be on the same level as his fellow deejays, Skeng and Silk Boss. The caller went on to say that the car was “f*ck up” when it was recovered.

The car had dents and scratches, as well as the bumper, running board, fender, and rims were all ruined. The caller added that 1Biggs Don made promises to fix the vehicle, but he did not. The matter was reported to the police.

Listen to the audio of the caller making the statements below.

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