$2 Million Recovered by Turkey Rescue Workers; Money Said to Belong to Earthquake Victim – See Post

A bag containing $2 million was found by rescue workers in Turkey that is believed to belong to one of the victims of the earthquake that rocked Turkey weeks ago.

In a video posted by Daily Loud on Twitter, the search and rescue team could be seen clustered around a black bag that rested atop the rubble, counting the money that was found.


Though the workers were not speaking in English, you could understand that they were counting the wads of cash that were already separated into equal amounts.

The camera shifted between the bag that the money was being added to, to the worker who was recovering the wads from a hole in the ground.

It is not yet known who the victim is that the money belongs to, or what will be done with the money if it cannot be returned to the rightful owner.

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See the post and watch the video below:

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