2 Women Viciously Stab Each Other In Deadly Knife Fight Caught On Camera – Watch Video

In Colombia, a woman was stabbed to death after a violent fight outside a bar following a verbal confrontation. This is according to videos and reports published by local media outlets. The woman, who has not been identified, was reportedly stabbed multiple times and died as a result of her injuries. The other woman involved in the deadly fight was also transferred to the hospital but survived.

During the morning hours, the two women got into a violent knife-wielding fight in the Alaska neighbourhood in Columbia. In the case in question, it is alleged that the events occurred because one of the females involved told the other to leave the location where they were drinking intoxicating drinks the night before.


The chilling video showed the fearless females squaring off on the streets, one of the females dressed in camouflage pants and a white blouse holding a seemingly defensive position and wagging the knife in her hand.

The other female then enters the camera’s field of vision and attacks her, stabbing her multiple times in her face and neck while blocking most of the other female counterattacks.

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Both females stabbed each other, but the lady in the camouflage pants got the brunt of the blade. She staggered off in an effort to find safety as blood flowed from her wounds onto the street. A man apparently passing by intervened by holding on to the woman who inflicted the most damage. The video ended at that point.

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See the video below:

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