21-Year-Old Male Admits to Trying to Kill the Queen

After being apprehended on the grounds of Windsor Castle with a loaded crossbow, a 21-year-old man admitted he intended to harm the Queen.

Upon entering a gate leading on the grounds of Windsor Castle on Christmas Day 2021, Jaswant Singh Chail, who was 19 at the time, told police that he was there to “Kill the Queen.” He pleaded guilty today to charges under section two of the Treason Act 1842, in addition to possessing an offensive weapon and making death threats.

During the attempted attack, the 21-year-old from Southampton resident was wearing a ‘vigilante hero’ mask at the time, and the Queen was present in her room. As he approached the private apartments of the late monarch, he was halted by a police officer.

As a result of Chail’s plea of guilty under section two of the Treason Act 1842 attempting to injure or alarm the sovereign, reporting restrictions on details of the case have been lifted. He will be sentenced on March 31 following further psychiatric reports.

An officer who was on duty as security described what happened that night. He said that when he realized that the man was holding a crossbow, he drew his Taser and ordered him to drop the weapon. In response, Chail placed his hands on top of his head when instructed to do so before repeating, “I am here to kill the Queen.”

During that time, the Queen was in her private apartments, and the gate “allowed immediate access to the apartments,” prosecutor Kathryn Selby said. Prosecutors asserted that Chail recorded the video that claimed responsibility four days earlier and sent it to his contacts 10 minutes before he was arrested.

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With the safety catch off and a crossbow bolt loaded in the weapon, it was ready to fire. The prosecution revealed that bolts from a crossbow, a metal file, and other items were discovered in a hotel room where Chail had stayed the night before. It was reported that the crossbow had the potential to cause severe or fatal injury and was comparable to a powerful air rifle.

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