24-Y-O Daycare Worker Engaged in Inappropriate Relationship with 10-Y-O, According to Mother – Video Report

Friday, April 19, 2024, 10:39 AM GMT-5

A mother from Georgia, U.S.A., is outraged as police are yet to charge the woman employed at her son’s daycare, whom she believes was in an inappropriate relationship with her 10-year-old. The mother shows several messages allegedly between the Daycare Worker and her son.

The young boy was enrolled in an after-school program at the Youth Life Center. His mother, Grace Shoyelu, said that she saw her son and the female employee at the daycare hugging for a lengthy period. 


She later went on his phone and discovered that the woman’s photo was saved as her son’s screen saver. Shoyelu disclosed that she further searched his phone and found text messages between her son and the employee, who was saved in the phone as “Mommy.”

“I went through his text messages because that was the first thing that I thought, and her name was saved as Mommy. And there’s a bunch of I love yous, and what are you wearing?” Shoyelu said.

In addition to the text messages, Shoyelou said she also found photographs sent by the 24-year-old to her son and that the young woman gave him gifts such as a gold chain.

According to reports, after the authorities were notified, Shoyelu’s son shared that the daycare employee allegedly rubbed his leg while they were coming back from a field trip.

The woman has since been fired from the Youth Life Center but has not yet been charged by the police. During an interview with Channel 2 News, Shoyelu expressed her disappointment and suggested that if the accused was male and her son a little girl, the suspect would have been immediately arrested.

Learn more in the video report below.

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