2YO Bites Snake And Kills It After It Bit Her

In Turkey, a 2-year-old girl was bitten by a snake, but instead of running away, she returned the bite and killed the snake.

A toddler was discovered biting hard on a snake in her backyard, killing the animal.


According to Newsweek, neighbours found the little girl in her backyard after they heard her scream. When they saw that the child had been bitten on her lip, she was rushed to the nearest hospital for medical treatment and observation.

Her father, Mehmet Ercan, stated that he was at work at the time of the incident on August 10, but he explained that the neighbours found his daughter holding the snake 20-inch, which she had been playing with before it struck her.

“She was playing with it and then it bit her,” he said. “Then she bites the snake back as a reaction.”

Not only did she bite the snake, but she also killed the creature with her teeth. While the type of the snake is not yet known, the toddler is reportedly okay. The fact that 12 of the 45 species in Turkey are considered venomous causes some concern.

According to Dr Drew Ricketts, an assistant professor and extension wildlife management specialist at Kansas State University, majority of venomous snakes strike when the victim tries to interact with it.

Dr Ricketts also stated that snakes mostly attack when “you surprise them or step really close” to one. He further suggested that anyone who encounters a snake should go the other direction and leave it alone.


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