3 Cops Caught Violently Beating Man in the USA – Watch Video

August 22, 2022

Three Arkansas police officers have been suspended from duty after a video of them violently beating a man during an arrest was posted on the internet.

According to reports, two of the policemen are from the Crawford County Sheriff’s Office, the third an officer with the Mulberry Police Department. In the video, the Mulberry officer is seen holding the man, Randall Worcester, down on the ground as the Crawford County officers repeatedly hit him.


One cop continuously knees Worcester in the back while the other punches him in the head before he proceeds to knee him in the face and slams his head on the pavement.

The officers were reportedly responding to a report of a man threatening an employee of a convenience store. Worcester allegedly pushed one of the officers down after they tried to speak with him.

Crawford County Sheriff Jimmy Damante later stated that they had requested the Arkansas State Police conduct an investigation into the incident and that both deputies were suspended pending the outcome of said investigation. Mulberry city officials confirmed that the third officer was placed on administrative leave pending the results of the same investigation.

View video of the incident below.

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