$300 Million In Counterfeit Goods Seized In Downtown Kingston

Thursday, June 9, 2022, 3:39 PM GMT-5

Acting on a report from a rights holder of counterfeit goods being at TMR Enterprise in Downtown Kingston, the Counter Terrorism & Organized Crime Investigations Branch (CTOC) seized $300 million in counterfeit goods from a store and two persons have been taken into custody.

 Brands, including Adidas, Nike, Fenty and Burberry were among the hundreds of counterfeit items being sold at a warehouse, which consisted of clothes, cosmetics, electronics and even engine oil.

Assistance Superintendent of Police Victor Barrett spoke to a CVM TV reporter with concern that the counterfeit engine oil can damage cars, as well as that the cosmetic body lotions can affect the skin. Another concern of ASP Barrett is that the money made from counterfeit goods is funding criminal activities in the country.

He explained that Jamaica Custom Agency, like every agency in the world, is unable to strip all the containers and make checks.

“They find creative ways of bringing the goods,” he explained, saying counterfeit items would be registered under the correct names in the correct packages.

ASP Barrett also went on to say the current legislation prevents the police from acting on the other stores that also stock counterfeit items. Even though the police have knowledge of counterfeit goods being in other stores, without a report they cannot cease those items.

‘Based on the current state of our legislation, the police are not at liberty to act unless we get a report,” he stated.

He continued by saying, even though the police “might identify particular stores along a particular street” that stock counterfeit goods, they are not at liberty to do anything because if the matter goes to court, there will be no complainant.

Meanwhile, TMR Enterprise, however, remains open as it also stocks legitimate items.

Watch the video with the counterfeit items below.

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