5 Best Beach Spots on Jamaica’s South Coast

Other than our culture, food, and music expertise, Jamaica, land of wood and water, is known for its popular tourist attractions, which include the many beaches nestled in the different parishes on the island.

Jamaica attracts a multitude of tourists to its shores every year who wish to bask in the tropical sun and visit the white sandy beaches and crystal blue waters. Celebrities also find Jamaica as a suitable vacation spot when looking for beaches and a host of them, including Dua Lipa and Halle Bailey, have made their way to Jamaica’s beaches since the beginning of the year.

While beaches are easy to find on the north coast of the island, the beaches on the south coast of Jamaica are few and far from each other.


Below is a list of must-go beaches that can be found on Jamaica’s South Coast ranging from St. Thomas on the South East Coast to Westmoreland on the South West Coast.

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#1. Lyssons Beach

If looking for a family-friendly beach on the South Coast, Lyssons Beach should be a top pick of yours. It is a free public beach in the town of Morant Bay, St. Thomas with shallow waters suitable for kids to play in.

While the beach is free, you may need to pay for parking and using the bathroom at a cost of $200 each for the duration of your stay. Looking for a quiet beach to enjoy your day? Lyssons Beach is a great choice. While there might not be food on location, you can bring your own and enjoy a good picnic on the beach.

#2. Bluefield’s Beach


Bluefield’s Beach is visited mostly on the weekends or holidays, as most beaches are.

This beach is close to nearby attractions such as river rapids and watersports such as tubbing. Bluefield’s Beach is located in Westmoreland with its clear waters and clean sands. Although it is a public beach, there is also a private section of the beach.

#3. Treasure Beach


Located in the parish of St. Elizabeth close to attractions such as Appleton Estate and Floyds Pelican Bar, which is only accessible by boat, this beach is a popular choice when going on a trip that includes water, food, and other unique experiences.

Although Treasure Beach is also known for its stunning landscape and views, it has it fair share of rapid undercurrents that could make swimming troublesome at certain times.

#4. Fort Clarence Beach


Fort Clarence is located in Portmore, accessed by the Hellshire main road and is adjoining to the Waves Beach.

This Windy beach features white sand and can be a great location for hosting special events like weddings. Snack shops are available for a bite to eat if visited with family, and you might be lucky enough to spot a turtle on its shores.

#5. Hellshire Beach

Hellshire is a popular beach that is used to host many beach parties by natives. Tourists who want to take a bite out of the Jamaican nightlife will surely find it appealing.

Many stalls and small cooking restaurants in the area create a space where one can dine and relax on the beach without searching for additional accommodations. The beach is located in Portmore, Jamaica and although the water is often cloudy close to the shore because of stirred-up sand, it is generally safe for swimming.

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