5 Jamaican School Fights That Have Gone Viral, Highlighting Widespread School Violence Issue

The issue of violence in Jamaican schools is a matter of great concern for the public at the moment. Incidents of violent fights among students have been captured and circulated online, showing the alarming aggression that has often resulted in serious injuries or fatalities among schoolmates.

Following the latest incidents of violence among students in the Corporate Area schools, authorities recently heightened security in and around the Half-Way Tree Transport Centre. A list of five viral videos showcasing school fights in Jamaica has been curated by YardHype, further highlighting the gravity of the situation.


Brawl at Holy Trinity High School 

A viral video, which dates back to January 2023, of a brawl between female students at Holy Trinity High School in Kingston shows a girl being beaten with a large board. The beginning of the video shows two girls fighting a schoolgirl and another group of girls fighting only a few feet away.

While the fight elicits excited cheers from students who are watching and blurting out expletives, one of the schoolgirls uses a board to beat another. Close to the end of the video, two of the girls engage in a tug-of-war for the board.

Schoolboys Fighting in The Street

A group of schoolboys in purple and grey uniforms were seen fighting another group of boys dressed in ordinary clothes in a viral video. The footage, which dates back to October 2022, shows the students throwing fists and kicks at the other males while other students watch in awe. Two boys also use large boards to attack each other, and later stones are hurled between the two feuding groups.

Schoolboy Brutally Beaten at Meadowbrook High School

A video of male students fighting at Meadowbrook High School in St. Andrew in February also went viral. The video begins by showing two boys throwing punches at each other and a group of boys surrounding one male who is being beaten by more than one of them. The boy is thrown, kicked, and shoved to the ground multiple times while other students attempt to separate him from the aggressors.

A Schoolgirl Stabbed at Kingston Technical High School

In 2022, a fight between two female students at Kingston Technical High School in Kingston ended with one student being stabbed. The video capturing the incident shows many students gathered outside as a fat female student approaches a girl, wraps her arm around her neck, and viciously starts stabbing her with an unseen object.

The female was seemingly stabbed in her neck multiple times before others managed to pull her attacker away. The student with the sharp object was ushered away with blood on her blouse, and the injured female was also carried away with smears of blood on her collar. According to the information accompanying the viral video, the injured student later died.

Brawl at Camperdown High School

Another video of a bloody altercation that went viral took place at Camperdown High School in Kingston in January 2024. The brawl that was captured on the school grounds includes a male on the ground being stomped on by a female, a schoolgirl being attacked by multiple girls, and another schoolgirl being beaten until she is left in a bloody condition.

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