5 Ways Writing Essays Helps Develop Communication Skills

Monday, December 19, 2022, 6:57 PM

When it comes to writing essays, students divide into two categories: those who enjoy it and those who hate it. Paper writing is essential for your grades, but some students would have preferred it if they could be evaluated without the necessity to pour their opinion on some issue. Some say that writing essays gets easier when you understand what it is for. Generally, professors say writing essays:

  • Showcases your knowledge of the subject;
  • Exhibits your research skills;
  • Strengthens your academic standing.

It’s great, but it’s academic-wise only, which means that once you’re out of college, you can forget about those sleepless nights in front of your laptop. You can forget about that misery of trying to put the first proper word. And it’s never the proper one. Well, unless you’ve got distracted by another podcast episode, chatting with your friends, or just staring at the monitor aimlessly, and it’s been six hours of that 30 minutes you were intending to finish your essay in. 


And viewing essay writing as educational-purposes-only importance makes many people ditch it. Why write it on your own when you can hire essay writers to do the job while you can enjoy some free time? Just make sure to read it before submission to make sure that everything is formatted properly and the deal is done. 

However, essay writing is important outside of college as well. Yes, writing assignments take time. Yes, you have to go through a lot of sites and library books to find the information you need. And, yes, you need to master your language skills to make sure that you can express your opinion, even about subjects you couldn’t care less about, convincing enough.

You see, essay writing helps develop your communication skills, which will be vital to your work in particular, and life as a whole. That’s why essay writing is significant even outside your school and college years. So, let’s check out the ways writing essays can help improve your communication skills. 

  1. Increases Your Knowledge Base

Regardless of the subject of your essay, you have to do research. Even when you’re well acquainted with the topic, you may need some additional materials to find pieces of supporting evidence for your point of view. Whenever you’re doing such research, you’re increasing your knowledge base. 

While it may seem unnecessary at the moment or that you will unlikely need any of this information after you graduate from college. But you never know when this or that knowledge will help you. Some things that you learn from your paper writing may inspire you for your work. Even if not, it can serve you well to maintain a conversation with someone. 

  1. Forces You to Think Out of the Box

Banal topics and uninteresting subjects occur quite frequently, but from time to time, you may run into quite an uncommon writing assignment. Such topics require you to think out of the box. First, you’re choosing the proper angle to look at the subject and finding the proper ways to explore it and express your point of view. 

Aside from forcing you to think out of the box, subjects like that make you also think on the run. For example, after writing several successful essays, especially persuasive ones, on difficult issues, you won’t have problems with challenging tasks after graduation. Instead, you can find solutions on the go, making you an irreplaceable employee. 

  1. Amplifies Your Vocabulary
  • Focus
  • Development
  • Arrangement
  • Style
  • Conventions

Those are the main criteria professors use to assess your paper. Style is crucial, and it includes your knowledge and usage of the language. Definitely, here you need to display the size of your vocabulary. It’s better to use synonyms instead of writing the same word over and over again. Moreover, you will surely come across words you see for the first time when researching your subject. 

All that contributes to amplifying your vocabulary. You learn not only the wide number of synonyms but also which of them is more suitable to capture this or that feeling. Which one describes the situation better? You will never write boring emails and posts after that. Moreover, a better writer makes a better speaker. So, you won’t embarrass anyone with a poor vocabulary. 

  1. Urges You to Form Opinions

When writing an essay, you need to provide your point of view on the subject. Quite frequently, the topic of your essay is something you’ve never thought about prior to the assignment. The task urges you to form an opinion on this or that subject. And opinions are important as they define you. 

Sometimes, you think you may avoid problems by not having an opinion, but things work differently. Your opinions allow others to understand what you believe in and what you are. Moreover, sharing your opinion is crucial, as it helps bring changes. Yes, opinions are not facts, thus, sharing one’s doesn’t mean proving others wrong, but they help to understand the difference in perspective. 

  1. Makes You More Articulate

Precision is another essential aspect of your essay. If you stick to your thesis statement, avoid repetition, and provide direct evidence, your essay will bring you good grades. If you babble in the body of your essay, and the conclusion comes out of the blue, it’s not a good sign. You need to be articulate to express your opinion. 

Writing essays makes you more articulate. Instead of beating around the bush, you provide viewpoints, back them with pieces of evidence, and come to a conclusion. Aside from making you articulate in your writing, you become a more articulate speaker thanks to it. It makes people understand you better, with no one complaining that you go into lengthy and meaningless monologues. 

Final Thoughts

As you can see, essay writing is not only about college studies. Yes, it has an impact on your grades, but it impacts your post-graduation life as well. That’s why it’s important not to ditch writing assignments all the time. There are other ways to develop communication skills, but you have chances to improve them while earning good grades, so why not? 

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