53-YO Black Man Dies after Police Kneels on His Neck in Ohio “I can’t breathe” – Watch Video

Saturday, April 27, 2024, 3:46 AM GMT-5

An African-American man in Canton, Ohio, USA, died shortly after being arrested. Footage from the police body camera, shared on April 26 reveals the moments leading up to the man’s death.

At the beginning of the video, the 53-year-old man can be seen inside a bar, refusing to go with the police while standing close to the counter. The footage has a text that noted that the man was located by the police after he allegedly “fled the scene of a single-car accident.”

“Get the sheriff,” he repeatedly tells the officer. “You ain’t killing me tonight.” However, the policeman indicates that he will go outside, and after multiple refusals, there is a tussle between the police and the man. 

Shortly after, the video cuts to show the man lying face down in handcuffs. One police officer is kneeling on his neck, causing the suspect to repeatedly say, “I can’t breathe.” However, the other policeman constantly tells him to “calm down.”

According to the text on the video, the man lay motionless on the floor for some time before the police checked his pulse, which was when the officer also did CPR.

The text in the video, later states that the man was pronounced dead after being taken to the hospital. The video was shared by NBC News, which noted that an investigation has been launched into the incident that occurred on April 18.

Watch the footage of the incident below:

The video, which garnered over 5,674 likes within four hours, has sparked many criticisms. One person said, “This happened before & why they still put their legs on people’s neck?!”

Another viewer said, “The officer actually killed that man… Wow! This man needs justice 🙏🏾 #PrayingForEveryone.”

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