59-Year-Old Jamaican Man Arrested For Drug Trafficking In Grenada

Michael Anthony Burrell, a 59-year-old Jamaican man who resided in Confer, Grenada and worked as a construction worker, has been arrested and charged for attempting to export drugs to the United Kingdom using a local shipping company.

It is reported that during a search of Burrell’s home by police personnel, a black plastic bag containing one pound of cocaine was seized which has an estimated street value of approximately $45,454 USD. Two bottles of hair products were also tested, which had confirmed traces of cocaine.

Additionally, the police discovered a piece of paper containing the contact information for someone in the United Kingdom, as well as, a receipt showing the name of a local shipping company on the island. This then prompted a further investigation from the authorities, which led them to accompany Burrell to the shipping company on March 2, 2022.

The Community Relations Department revealed that checks at the shipping company by the police led to the discovery of a box containing household items such as seasonings, honey, syrup, coffee, rum, spices and cocoa powder. Of these items, 15 packages with 2.33 kg of cocaine were found to be hidden within the goods. This drug bust by the police reportedly has an estimated street value of approximately $233,000 USD.

Burrell was subsequently arrested and charged with two counts of trafficking a controlled drug and one count of attempting to export a controlled drug by officers assigned to the Drug Squad Unit, he currently faces up to 20 years in prison if convicted.

Michael Anthony Burrell appeared at the St George’s Magistrate Court on Friday and was remanded to Her Majesty Prison.

He is scheduled to appear in court on March 14. 

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