6-out-of-10 British People Support ‘Apology’ for Slavery While 4-out-of-10 Support ‘Reparation’

A survey conducted on people representing the United Kingdom population found that six out of ten people in Britain believe that descendants of slaves and Caribbean nations are owed an apology. However, only four out of ten people believe that Caribbean countries should be financially compensated for the slave trade.

The survey was conducted among 2,016 people and released on the UN International Day of Remembrance of the Victims of Slavery and the Transatlantic Slave Trade. Of the percentage of people who were in agreement with an apology being issued, 38% said that the British royal family should deliver it, while 51% said that it should come from the various entities that had profited from slavery.

On the other hand, the largest group, 56%, believes that it should be issued by the government. A much smaller percentage, 19%, is of the belief that all of the previously mentioned parties should apologise.

In regards to the question of whether Caribbean countries should receive reparations in the form of financial compensation, five in ten disagreed. According to the Guardian, most of the individuals who took the survey and were also of Caribbean descent agreed with the suggestion.

27% of those individuals are said to have been uncertain about the topic. However, more than 50% of those who were in agreement with financial compensation said that the UK government should cover the cost.

The survey will be presented to ministers in the UK parliament and comes amid increased pressure for individuals, countries, and organisations to take accountability for their roles in slavery. British Labour Party politician and Member of Parliament Clive Lewis expressed that the survey is a great starting point and proof that the British public is open to having a conversation on reparatory justice.

“These results give us the clearest indication yet of the open-minded, progressive, and reasoned position that many of our fellow citizens have on the issue of reparatory justice [ … ] This is a fantastic place to build on, to begin a nationwide conversation about tackling many of the unresolved legacies of 400 years of slavery and empire.”

He continued, “I take great heart from these results. Despite what some politicians and those on the right might say, it’s quite clear that the British public is ready to have this conversation,” Lewis stated.

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