65-year-old Marriage to 16-year-old School Girl Causing Uproar in Brazil

The 65-year-old mayor of Parana’s Araucaria municipality, Hissam Hussein Dhaini, married a 16-year-old girl in early April, shortly after he promoted his mother-in-law to the position of municipal secretary of Culture and Tourism the same week. As a result of backlash following his wedding, the wealthy Brazilian businessman resigned from the Cidadania political party.

The controversial wedding took place on April 12 after two of the bride’s closest relatives were given top positions on his staff days before the wedding ceremony. The 36-year-old mother of Kauane Camargo was designated Municipal Secretary of Culture and Tourism, while her aunt was appointed Secretary General Director.


During the Miss Araucaria beauty contest, Kauane Rode Camargo, 16 years old, competed in the teen category and took second place. It was reported that she met Hissam at a social gathering. According to Brazilian law, consent can be given at the age of 14 years old.

In a report by Vogue Brazil, it was disclosed that the 16-year-old is presently a high school student, and she attends a civic-military school in Araucaria, which is under the supervision of her husband. After divorcing his second wife last year, Hissam served a second term as the mayor of the city when he married the teenage girl.

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In the days following the marriage, Parana state prosecutors began investigating whether Hissam abused his power when hiring Kauane’s family members to government positions. Thus, on Tuesday, April 25, Hissam removed both Marilene and Elizangela from their promoted posts.

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